Configuration Of School Check IN

Optional Configurations

School Check IN makes it quick and easy to implement our fully featured staff, student, and visitor attendance and tracking software. Here's a few of our optional configurations:

1. Dymo LabelWriter

Add a Dymo LabelWriter to add the ability to quickly and easily print school ID badges and visitor passes. Choose any of these LabelWriter models:

  • Model 450: Prints 51 Lines / Minute
  • Model 450 Turbo: Prints 71 Lines / Minute
  • Model 450 Twin Turbo: Prints 71 Lines / Minutes & Includes 2 print trays so you do not need switch between visitor passes and badges.

2. Volunteers

  • Check IN and Check Out
  • Print Volunteer ID Badges
  • Track Volunteer Hours

3. Visitors

  • Check IN and Check Out
  • Print Visitor ID Badges
  • Scan Visitor Driver Licenses
  • Check All Visitors Against the SCI National Sex Offender Registry.

4. Students

  • Check In Late/Tardy Students
  • Instantly Print Late/Tardy Passes

5. Early Dismissals

  • Check Out Students
  • Track Which Adults Can Pick Students Up
  • Print Early Dismissal Passes

6. Vendors

  • Check IN and Check Out
  • Only Allow “APPROVED” Vendors on Campus

7. RFID Tags & Key Fobs

  • Users can be assigned RFID Tags and with a quick touch on the reader, users can check in or out. Contact School Check IN for information & pricing

8. Signature Pads

  • Capture signatures when checking a student in or out, works for LT & ED

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