Frequently Asked Questions
If we download School Check IN, are we obligated to purchase?
No, you are not obligated to purchase School Check IN.  If you find School Check IN meets your needs and you wish to acquire a license, simply fill out the order form and remit payment.

Is the School Check IN demo fully functional?
YES, the School Check IN 21-day demo is fully functional.  Sample data is included, so you may immediately start using School Check IN.  Or you can also enter or import your school's data.

How long can we demo (try) School Check IN?
School Check IN may be used as a demo mode for 21 days from the date you first commence using it.  Any data you either entered and/or generated is not lost and can be accessed again once you license your copy of School Check IN.

What happens when our trial period expires?
When your 21-day trial period expires, School Check IN will no longer allow you to access the main menu.  To continue using School Check IN, you will need to acquire your license.

Is support available for School Check IN?
Yes, support for School Check IN is available via this web site under FAQ's, E-Mail, Video User's Guide and of course phone support is also available.

Is School Check IN multi-user?
Yes, School Check IN is available in two versions -- BASIC and ENTERPRISE.

Basic runs on a standalone dedicated computer and is not networked and/or multi-user. 

Enterprise is a client server version that is multi-user and is networked. Enterprise was designed for districts that wish to deploy School Check IN district wide.  For a comparison between BASIC and Enterprise, please contact us for our "Basic vs Enterprise" comparison.

Can we install School Check IN on more than one computer?
School Check IN BASIC is licensed to be installed on one and only one computer at one school.  You may purchase additional subscription licenses for additional computers at your school. You will need one subscription license for each installed copy of School Check IN.

School Check IN ENTERPRISE is designed for multi-user solutions.

How much does a School Check IN subscription cost?
School Check IN BASIC costs $250 per check in station per year.
School Check IN ENTERPRISE costs from $325 to $375 per check in station per year.

Can we buy a copy of School Check IN?
The primary purpose for licensing School Check IN as a subscription is to maintain a low price for you.  As users renew their subscription, they will be provided with the newest version of School Check IN.  Providing users with the most current version dramatically reduces support costs associated with older (legacy) versions of School Check IN.  Other similar applications retail for over $1,000 and require purchasing a support contract.

How long will our subscription last?
School Check IN is licensed and sold as an annual subscription.

Can we use another label printer?
School Check IN is designed and tested to print labels to:
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 turbo
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 TWIN turbo
  • Dymo LabelWriter 400
  • Dymo LabelWriter 400 turbo
  • Dymo LabelWriter TWIN turbo.

What type of printer(s) is required?
To print reports, you should be able to use any laser or inkjet printer installed for this computer.  Remember, that when the printer selection dialogue windows appears, you must select which printer you wish to use to print reports.

Can we customize School Check IN?
Yes, School Check IN provides many customizable preferences, such as adding your school’s mascot, using a web camera, which buttons to display on the Main Menu, etc…  In the Administrator section, select "Settings".  It is here that you may customize School Check IN to display your school's information and select which options in School Check IN you wish to use.

Can School Check IN be installed on a network?
Yes , School Check IN can be installed on most networks.
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