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How Does OffenderCHECK Work?

A visitor enters and presents a valid driver license and/or state issued ID.  The ID is then scanned.  An immediate check is made against the national sex offender list and your DAL (Deny Access List of ex-employees, injunctions, court orders, etc...)  of people you DO NOT want on your campus.  If a "POSSIBLE MATCH" occurs, no visitor ID Badge is printed and an alert is issued.  They are STOPPED at the door.  OffenderCheck is FAST, SAFE and SECURE.
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How is an offender check performed?
A visitor inserts his/her driver license into the scanner and in approximately 15 seconds, School Check IN searches the SCI National Offender database.  The scanner reads the front of the license (picture side).  Special scanning software reads the information on the license.  This information, along with the driver's photograph, is brought into School Check IN.  School Check IN sends a query, using the visitor's information, to our secure web server where the visitor information is compared against the SCI National Offender Database, and the result is then returned back to the School Check IN workstation.
If the visitor passes the check, a visitor ID Badge is printed, which includes the visitor's picture.  If the check is negative (a possible offender match occurs), no visitor ID Badge is printed.  A scanning error is reported back to the visitor (Scanning error XX - please ask for assistance).   In addition, an instant alert can be sent via text message or via email to administrators and school security
This same message is reported back to the school along with a code and all possible offender matches for this visitor.  The goal here is to stop possible offenders from entering your school and provide you (the administrator) with all possible information on this visitor's status and to do so in a non-confrontational manner.  Keeping this individual in the office and away from the children until security arrives is tantamount.
How large is the SCI National Offender database?
The SCI National Offender database contains over 675,000+ people from all 50 states, District of Columbia, Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and all Native American Indian Tribes. In addition, the SCI National Offender database contains nearly every convicted offender's photo, which helps make a positive identification easier.
These individuals are convicted as either offenders and/or predators.  The difference is that a predator generally involves violence (rape or assault) and/or children. School Check IN only uses official state provided data.  School Check IN does not use third-party acquired data because research showed this data had too many inaccuracies.
Can all driver's licenses or state issued IDs be scanned?
Generally yes.  Click here to view current state options. To adjust for new driver license formats and/or changes, updates will be available on a regular basis.  New scanner updates can be downloaded directly to your School Check IN workstation.
What are the system requirements?
OffenderCHECK is available for both Windows and Mac OS users.
Here are the Windows System Requirements.
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